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Why Blog N Shotz?

Why the word choices for the name? From a writer’s perspective, it is most definitely cringeworthy. A single letter for an article, a letter where it does not belong, and a word that is already approaching the outdated section in the dictionary. The explanation is simple, and it is because the internet is flooded with web addresses that have already taken the phrases in their proper form leaving little for the rest of us. It is difficult to truly stand out in a crowd, so you do the best you can to say what you are trying to say and keep it short and simple because attention spans are shorter than the newest acronym.

Other reasons are more related to the world we live in and how what was once alright has different meanings now. Photographers have always called themselves shooters but that one gives me pause these days. And that pause caused me to think, I better just say what I am doing here in a slightly silly way. I like to write. While my prose is all over the place in many ways, blog seemed the best description. Should I ever punch out a novel, none of this silliness will matter so who cares about it now. As for the cringeworthy portion, I ran out of ideas and wanted to get started without spending the next six months on something so trivial. Spend energy wisely for life is flying by faster than you can imagine.

As for “Shotz”, it just seemed more catchy than “Shots” and didn’t give the impression of a drunken writer. My photography includes wildlife, pets, landscapes, automobiles, sports, and music so there was no way to specify what kinds of shots you will see here. And while my sports and music photography is most likely in the rearview mirror I will on occasion revisit them for one reason or another. Lastly, it is just a name, a placeholder, and as I said not a novel. We must learn to lighten up a bit right?

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