I began my time behind the camera in the days if silver nitrate. The days of darkrooms and chemicals. It started with black and white film and then turned to color slides. I have shot the film brands of Kodak, Ilford, and Fuji with each one bringing a slightly different emotional feel with their different color profiles. I have shot nearly every brand of camera including a Rolleiflex that I still own. I also own a Calumet 4x5 but it has never really gotten a chance to shine. Going through the technological changes of photography has been both happy and sad. I liken it to what happened to the artistry from the days of a drafting board when we shifted to the new world of computer aided drafting, and even that has exploded exponentially. The imagery an architect could put on paper with a pencil was something to behold as was what Ansel Adams created on film.

After shooting sports, concerts, and numerous other types of events my focus has changed yet again to a slower pace of expression. Rather than shooting hundreds and sometimes thousands of frames at a festival or basketball game I am expanding into some other areas to express my love of the art of photography. My hope is to capture something that moves and inspires me to step out beyond my own comfort zone and continue my growth as a photographer. Writing will also continue to go along with my photography as it always has and honing that skill will also be part of this next journey.

As for the gear I use that will be revealed as part of this journey. Some may be a surprise, some not. My choice is to build my own website and platform that is mine that I control. Social media is awash with photos, articles, and rules and by spending my energy on what is mine and mine alone I hope to flourish creatively rather than waste my energy fighting algorithms, getting caught up in the argument of the day, and just being lost in the shuffle that is social media today.