The new episode of the podcast is up.

Have a listen and hear what I have to say about assumptions, book publishing, and cotton candy. Yes, you read that right...cotton candy.

Check it out here.

The Voice of V is the title of my newest medium and is my attempt at a podcast. Tweaks, changes, and frequency are still being determined but I feel as though it may become more regular as I feel comfortable with the microphone and topics. It is currently on Patreon and is available without a membership. They will remain free for the time being as I build and improve. You are free to join though as support always helps.

Check out Episode 2 HERE. This will be the main page landing. Scroll down for the most recent episode.

My experiment with video remains just that and audio has taken the front seat between those two mediums. It felt weird but less uncomfortable than a video so I went for it. I have decided to place my audio snippets over on Patreon for now while I figure out all the hosting details. I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think.

Have a good week everyone.