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Blog, who needs it?

To begin, I do not intend to write long form each day, rather to keep a running log of my thoughts, words of wisdom I find elsewhere that I choose to share, and an occasional random photograph.

Blog, Feed, Share, Repeat.

You can expect this page to be my own version of a social media feed. The difference is that you will only see my posts or those chosen by me from others, no ads, and no tracking of you. When I left social media the wants and needs of sharing did not go away and I struggled to find an outlet that wasn't awash in corporate garbage and the clutter of advertising. It is more important that I share what I feel is relevant even if that costs me money.

So, you may be asking what is the catch? How do you make money? I make it elsewhere. I make it from donations. I make it from hard work and product production. Enjoy the space, come back often, and you drop an email with your thoughts.

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