But Do You Even Log?

This may be a question lobbed between the generations soon. Logcast launched out of Sweden this week and has plans to fill a void in the social media space. Logcast is an audio-only social media application that allows up to 10 minutes of recording time. It is less formal than a podcast and does not allow for pre-recorded content.

I have always wanted to do a podcast but fail to start because I feel I just do not have enough inside my head that warrants anything interesting enough for anyone to listen. The expectations of a podcast are just more involved than brief fleeting thoughts or daily musings. TikTok interests me for the same reason but I just do not like being on video.

So today I installed the application on my iPad and the exploration has started. It is only available at this time on iOS and I use an Android phone. If it takes off and I find a useful place for it, I might just adopt it as an addition to my website.

Logcast is not alone in this space and may fail, but you have to start somewhere right? Stay tuned.

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