Canceling Medium

In the age of cancel culture, I decided to jump on the trend by canceling my membership to Medium this morning. I joined a few years ago to improve my writing while being exposed to quality writers daily through my feed based on those I follow and interests I plugged into the system. It started as a good experience but over the last year, the experience has become less quality and more garbage. Yesterday was the last straw.

The truth is I have had some valued conversations with some of those I follow and I have learned from the experience as a whole. Oddly the article that was placed into my feed was a topic that I am all too familiar with and truly love…and miss. Vanlife. The article started with bashing the fakery and garbage on social media when it comes to van life and the outward appearance that it is all dinner by waterfront and coffee with the rising sun. All of that I can completely agree with because it is true. The reality is simply not the photo feed you see on 99.9% of the van life Instagram feeds. Then he (the writer) went off the rails.

The writer rented a fully outfitted van from someone to travel for a month to a specific part of the country to save on hotels during his time that he needed to be in said area. And with that, he completely missed the point of van life, and it only got worse from then on out. His expectations of van life had me thinking of people who buy a home then get pissed off because a Wal-Mart gets built next door within the next year. Two words…due diligence. Vanlife is not a panacea, but it is a fantastic experience if you are prepared and understand what it is not.

He posted photos of the interior of the van and it was a fully decked out version that even has a shower which for most van lifer people is not something they opt for in their van for all the many reasons he proceeded to gripe about. Space. An indoor shower in a van is not what you will ever get in a sticks and bricks home and anyone with a brain should know that. He mistakenly called the toilet a composting toilet when it was actually a cassette toilet and that just infuriated me. He went on and on about what a mistake it was that he had to spend ridiculous amounts of money to stay in a campground rather than a Cracker Barrel parking lot. It annoyed him that a dumpster was emptied at 3 am at a Cracker Barrel and woke him up. Need I say more.

I was so angry by the time I finished this “article” that I knew I would be canceling my membership this morning and for so many reasons. This article was pure garbage. I mean do people just jump into something with little to no research? I was just blown away by what a moron this person was to even think living in a van would even come close to a Class A Motorhome experience. But as angry as I was at him, I was angry with Medium. I have poured some serious energy into the articles I have written on Medium and I know for a fact none have ever been placed on someone else’s feed, yet this garbage is on mine.

So another reason for my website. No one may see my writing but at least it is all on me to change that and not the dreaded algorithm.

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