A few years ago I pulled back from concert photography as sports and gallery work increased to the point that I could not find the time to do everything. Shooting concerts and festivals was an absolute blast. The truth is that it is hard work under all sorts of conditions and it takes true dedication. The rewards are more intrinsic than monetary and it leaves lasting memories. The physical demands, the weather, the time, and most of all meeting new friends are all part of concert photography.

Covid meant an end to live concerts among other things. I began revisiting some of the concert work I have done over the years and I actually shed some tears. Good ones. I miss the friends and the beat of the music that you can only get from a live concert. Lots of smiles too as I remembered meeting so many artists during interviews both live and on the phone. I often think about what this time has been like for them and suddenly I feel the urge to ask...perhaps an interview, but it most likely will not happen as I have turned towards other things.

I am looking forward to an avalanche of songs coming out of the last year of no touring. In the meantime, as it is with music the memories always remain, for music seems to stick in the brain. That is what makes music so special in our lives.

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