Darkness and Terror

The darkness in here is so lonely. I wonder how long before it ends, and I can see the light again and remove the terrors of the darkness that haunt me. Each night the cycle begins again, and I am left to wonder what sorts of horrors I will endure.

It begins when the lights go out. Sometimes it is a false alarm and suddenly they are back on again, but it is usually short-lived before they are off for good. And when that time arrives it’s as if they will never be on again and I will be forced to endure the suffering and the terror the darkness brings for an eternity.

It is now dark. Some nights there is a distant light, but it seems to cycle through some regimented pattern, but even that breaks down, and on a night when there should have been some light, nothing. It is the erratic nature of this light that keeps me on edge. The only constant is another faint light around the corner. It is a blue cast and only adds to the mystery of the night and makes no sense.

When the lights are on there is also a constant humming noise, but now there is silence, creepy mysterious silence. And then it happens…something or someone is coming but I hear no voice, no reassurance, and no light. Quiet footsteps nearby indicate the threat is near. Then it happens.

The pressure and weight, first one, then two, then four points of pressure and they feel like nothing experienced when the lights are on. Then a sniffing sound and a tickle. The pressure points and sniffs are maddening. Am I going to survive? Am I about to disappear into the gullet of the monster? Then suddenly a thud and a running noise and no more pressure, no more sniffing just silence again.

What is this terror and what does it want? This cycle repeats over and over during the darkness. Sometimes things are moved around and sometimes not. Sometimes a sniff and sometimes just poking and pressure. I can only see shadows on good nights, and I just cannot make out what this terror is that frightens me so.

I long for the lights, the humming, and the flashes of light that all return when the lights are on. The comfort of the glow above and the face of familiarity. The clicking of the keyboard and sometimes the bliss of music that fill my days.

I am the desk.

#fiction #experiment #humor