Good Riddance 2021

Recently I began daily journal entries. I sat down with a pen and my journal to write down a few things I needed to get off my chest. Spoken in a public space, many of the thoughts I wrote down would either depress, anger, or shock people without a few years of context, and honestly, I am not interested in explaining myself. But, they are the things I need to address before I start fresh in 2022 with the way I go about my life and how I handle my internal struggles.

When 2022 arrives, I will start a new journal in a new fresh journal. I will commit to writing at least a snippet each day. The last couple of weeks has been filled with introspection and many tears about more than the obvious. I realized that I needed to do this journaling because there are topics I am not willing to address on my website out of fear, and that fear has been paralyzing me from writing at all. The anger and hurt I feel inside were getting in the way, and I hope that privately addressing those things on paper will free my mind to make progress on the website positively.

I completed my last entry this morning, and I will spend the day relaxing with college football, watching it snow, and prepping tomorrow’s New Year’s meal. When tomorrow arrives, I will pick up the new journal and forge ahead with it can only be another challenging year.

My suggestion for 2022 is to take time each day to do one thing for yourself each day that makes you happy. Listen to your favorite song, take a bubble bath, or sit and be still. Learn not to be so busy that you cannot even manage to carve out five minutes for yourself.

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