Goodbye Meta

So I deleted Instagram this week and Facebook (Meta) goes away on August 1. My reasons are many and one is the ability to just simply post a daily (or so) photo and share with my friends without the intrusion of ads, other garbage, and an algorithm. I miss the old versions of the above, so when I created my website in was in anticipation of this day. I hate it when I am right, because I new this was going to happen.

So here is my new feed. Some entries will be long we'll thought out writings and others just a photo with a caption. You know, old school. The beauty here is I can share and if you choose to enjoy, you can do so without ads in your face. You're welcome. I've paid the bill so you can enjoy a clean experience.

I hope you stop by on occasion to have a look around. Eventually, I will be adding a member section and if you choose to join...for can jump in and share as well.

Happy Wednesday

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