Hello Winter! Welcome Back!

The arrival of winter is exciting for me. I know plenty of people who completely disagree with this sentiment. Enjoying the first significant snow this month with the glee of a child is easy when you can watch from the comfort of home. If I were getting up early to commute on the slippery roads, I would not be as thrilled.

The four-season experience has not existed for me since I was younger. Each season brought transitions of nature that broke the monotony of the current season. Once the song has played repeatedly for three months, it is only natural to enjoy changing the channel. Four songs for 12 months became two songs in my lifetime, so I elected to relocate further north…much further north.

The arrival of winter can be an excellent time to reflect. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter mirror our own life. One more year is one mini-cycle of our lives. Spring represents the rebirth of the year, summer for stretching our legs and running, fall for slowing down, and winter for rest and reflection before we begin again.

This winter feels different. My head is full of thoughts. I want to express myself through writing, photography, and speaking. The hope is that winter reflection brings a spring release of organized thoughts rather than the cluttered mess in my mind this season.

Our lives will eventually become winter one last time, so let us not waste any of our seasons.

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