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It Will Be Our Little Secret

Dance like no one is watching is a phrase that has been around for quite some time. The objective is that you should not worry about how you look at others. Instead, just let the dance within you out with gusto. Do not fear criticism, shock, or ridicule. Instead, express yourself on your terms.

I have been telling myself to write with the same thought in mind. This is because, in today’s world of distractions, busy lives, or self-absorption, no one is likely watching. So let go of the worry and write. Write for yourself.

I have come to realize that after losing both of my parents, I lost a great deal of feedback on my writing and photography. I was a child to the point they died. Now, at this stage of my life, I have to learn to walk.

The approval-seeking behavior is insidious, exacerbated by the arrival and spread of social media. Breaking the algorithm of the mind is not an easy task. Social media is dying, which is not bad, but it leaves us with ourselves. Naked, unable to walk, and alone, forced to face some hard truths about ourselves.

Feedback gives us confidence, pride, and positive reinforcement for achieving our goals. But why do we need someone else to provide that to us? We should value our own opinions more. If our opinion in support of others is so valuable, why is it not for ourselves? It is a bit of a mind-bender.

If something brings us joy, provides an outlet, and gives us a way to express ourselves, we must learn to be our cheerleaders. This does not mean that we profess that we are the end all beat all to whatever it is we are doing. However, in being our cheerleaders, we must be self-critical, which is perhaps why we seek outward. Constructive criticism towards oneself is much like therapy. You must be willing to face the good and the bad. In doing so, you might create a path of improvement for yourself.

2023 is the year I walk all by myself to the betterment of myself. This is not a resolution because I do not believe in doing those. It is simply an easy way to frame the goal. Write, write, and write. Self-assess, make changes, and improve. I will be the one I seek to impress, no one else. Period.

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