March Madness, Oh My!

It is no secret how much of a fan I am of March Madness. When last year's got canceled I was truly bummed out. My hometown team lost early but it is never really about that...I am in it for the good games between the best college teams in the country. There have been few boring games as you would expect out of this tournament. Quite a few games went to overtime including my hometown team, but none was like last night.

Baylor handled a talented Houston team sending them home and moving on to the final game. Then Gonzaga and UCLA took the court for the second semifinal game of the day. It didn't go as I thought it would have and I couldn't even watch with two minutes left on the clock. I have been pulling for Gonzaga and last night was a close one. I paced most of the second half and with the game nearly over I couldn't take it and had to turn off the television and opt for scoring updates on Twitter.

I amused myself watching TikTok videos until I knew the game was over. I left TikTok and headed for Twitter...OT! Oh my, this is unreal. When I looked the Zags were up by a few points and once again I had to look away. When I returned all I saw on Twitter was "What a shot" and for once it wasn't something about Covid. And when I saw the video clip I was so excited. For a second I was mad at myself for not watching it live but I just couldn't do it. I watched the clip a few times before settling down to go to sleep happy that Gonzaga would meet up with Baylor for the championship and it will be a great matchup. I will not turn away because honestly the team that prevails to raise the trophy will have earned and I will be happy for them and equally sad for the team on the losing end.

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