Monday Mornings Have Changed

There was once a time when I dreaded Monday mornings. That day reminds you that the weekend is over and it is time to be responsible again. For the weekday banker hours employee, it means for some that it is time to put on the fake face and do your best to get through it.

The tragedy for those people and I used to be one is that the days get wished away in order to bring the weekend quicker. It is the unhappiness of one's current situation that can sometimes bring about this terrible waste of life's precious time. You cannot get time back as we have all heard so many times and as much as we all know it to be true we still get stuck in this bad habit.

I posted an old simple meme this morning and it got me thinking about this and I thought well it is easy for you to say as you sit at home writing at your desk as your own boss. True, but my thought was how are these Mondays different now, and would I still be doing it should my situation change. I don't think I would and here is why.

After a long career, I grew tired of it and I made a big decision. I quit. I left it and sold everything and spent a year traveling. The details of which I will leave for another time. At the risk of sounding cliche', it changed my life and I am better for it. I left that which was no longer making me happy and took the risk to find a way to not wish the days away.

Not everyone can do this and I sadly realize this fact. I was in a situation that did allow me to do this and I took the leap. For once in my life, I did something that some would think crazy and drastically altered my life's trajectory. Everything was moving ahead all to plan when Covid hit, but again I was lucky. I picked up and moved on...literally.

Now I honestly do not know what day of the week it is most of the time, so when I made that Monday post it had a different meaning from when it was originally posted many years ago. I am lucky to no longer dread Mondays and my hope is for others to seek out what truly makes them happy so that they too can enjoy each and every day of the week.

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