Mushrooms, Achoooo!

So it seemed like a fun thing to grow and have them for stir fry but they might be the reason for my four day headache and increased sinus issues. Those kits to grow oyster mushrooms at home are super cool and watching them grow has been really interesting but this morning I had an epiphany upon seeing a haze on the counter. It was a massive layer of spores. And just this morning I had the worst sneezing attack in quite some time. I've also had a nagging headache four days now.

Research time!

First the reviews on Amazon, but this time I searched for allergy. Oh boy, same symptoms along the same timeline. Sigh. Then I found a medical journal. Dammit. It is definitely possible that those little beauties are causing my recent issues. So, they will be cooked and unfortunately no more will be grown. Makes me sad too because they are truly a sight.

Fair warning to all you potential schroom growers...they are a fungus. Remember that. If you have mold allergies this may not be the crop for you.

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