New to the Zoo!

Today marks one year in Montana. Hard to believe, yet not. The last six months have been a blur. Sip the coffee. Focus on the positive or the negative will destroy you from within. Cry first, laugh last. Glance back, focus forward. Educate, not pontificate. Foster Love, not hate. Stop, think, then speak. And most of all do something nice for yourself that soothes your soul.

For this one-year anniversary, a trip to the local zoo is in order. I never made it there over the summer due to being with my Mom. I enjoy going to a zoo, but they do give me mixed emotions. The captivity and why they are there, to begin with, kind of thoughts. At the same time, I love being close to animals to marvel at the mystery of each of them and to enjoy their beauty up close. Even the creepy ones!

I spent yesterday getting reacquainted with my camera gear as we have been parted for far too long these past months. I am going to try an experiment for a month and take only one camera and lens with me at a time to allow me to concentrate more on the visual and not the gear. Not lugging and handling so much gear also allows me to be more "in the moment" with my surroundings.

Stay tuned for sights from the zoo!

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