Saying Goodbye to Winter

It is with great sadness that I must say goodbye to winter here in Montana. Those who have been living here in Montana, do not share my feelings. For a first-timer like myself, I would be lying if I said it was not the winter I wanted. Most would say I should not look a gift horse in the mouth for the mild winter this year.

Even though the statistics of the season in total show normalcy, it all came at once...or twice. The spaces in between the snow that fell the day I arrived and then two months later were filled with snow-free sunny days and low humidity. Truth be told I loved it. It has a delight to not deal with humidity and the sun is good for the mind especially during times of a pandemic. Living my entire life in a humid climate I have been amazed at how a low temperature does not feel as cold as it would if it was not so dry. Two weeks of subzero temperatures did not even phase me. I would not want to stand outside in those temperatures for long but just going about life was not a big deal. The snow that came with it was not so bad either. Dry and fluffy and beautifully white it was a snow skier's dream. I am not working right now so I do have the luxury of not commuting in the snow so my perspective is different. I am quite sure if I had to be on the interstate in the early morning hours when the ice is dangerous I would be singing a different tune.

Some good reasons for a mild winter do come to mind. I have been able to learn my surroundings without having to worry about driving around lost while dealing with snow. I have also been able to learn how it feels to drive on snow without it being a blizzard white-out situation. Driving the U-Haul truck while towing the car on a flatbed trailer into a fog and snowy interstate was not very nice and frankly quite terrifying. So much so that I try to block it out of my memories. Sunny days mean exploring my surroundings and that has been fun. Short drives in almost all directions outside of the city have been really fun.

It is almost April and it is not unheard of to have snow here through May so there is still a chance a big snowstorm could come, but at this point, I will not hold my breath. I expect more snow before it is all said and done because statistics and talking about it usually mean a jinx is in order. It will be in the mid-70s this weekend and there is a hike on the agenda for sure.

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