Slow Hikes, More Likes

Likes are not just for social media as we have been led to believe in recent years. Social media likes are part of what contributed to my lack of good mental health over the years since the inception of the many platforms we all know. Now I will not belabor the whole why social media is evil topic as it has been done so many already, but I will say I had to take a step back and remind myself about the finite resource called energy.

As I entered into my fifth decade I started to notice just how much energy I wasted on social media and how little I had left for the things I loved. It was time for a change and the change had to be with me. It is to blame social media itself rather than my misdeeds. Long story short, I started deleting my accounts or freezing them. No more updating and keeping up with the multitudes of accounts, it was exhausting me. No longer fun or simply no return on the investment whatsoever. Business decision...cut, cut, cut.

The likes I need are the ones that fill my soul. I live in Big Sky country now so it is very easy to get out and just be quiet with oneself, breathe the fresh air, and take in the beauty all around. Likes should not come from others, but from those I create. My energy needs to be on writing and taking photographs, and here in Big Sky taking photographs sometimes does require a little bit of energy.

I packed a small camera bag for my first excursion with only two lenses thinking if I need more I will just have to come back another time. I grabbed my hiking pole and headed out. The walking felt great and the air was invigorating. Walking around on uneven surfaces is not as easy as it used to be but I was going to do my best. Proceed slowly and enjoy the scenery.

There were so many likes, I could come back for days and continue collecting like after like. These likes are the best. They make my heart and soul happy and I feel at peace. No cell phone, no television, no division, and no hate. Nature has a way of giving you that if you just slow down long enough to listen.

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