The Caregiver's Companion Book is Available

The Caregiver's Companion: Blood Pressure, Oxygen, Medication, Heart Rate, Meals, ADL, Notes, and Important Information

The daily journal/notebook is a must for anyone who cares for another 7x10 144 pgs

Physicians will be grateful for the information at hand for appointments. It is invaluable when filling in blanks and helping them provide the best care.

  • Main Page for Insurance, Doctors, Pharmacies, Supportive Care, Family, and Friends

  • Two Full pages for medications with Med Name, Prescriber, Pharmacy, and Dosing Information

  • Two facing sheets for each day that can be dated that contain:

  • To-Do list, Calls, Appointments, Rx Refills, Grocery, Personal, Household, Requests

  • Table charts to fill in Blood Pressure, Oxygen, Heart Rate, Temperature

  • Complaints list both Physical and Emotional

  • Pain Levels and Areas of Pain

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

  • Sleeping

  • Notes and Observations of the Day

  • Caregiver Reminder

After years of taking care of multiple people and handling everything, this is the book I wish I had during those times.

Saves time with a uniform layout each day with additional space when something does not fit the spaces.

Efficiency brings stress relief during extremely stressful times. Caregiving is a difficult and challenging responsibility and the right tools will ease your mind, body, and soul.

**Not a medical reference. This is written for those who care for family members and is a guide based on years of actual caregiving of cancer patients and is intended to help those faced with the challenge of being a caregiver for the first time or doing it again. Those with medical experience may also find this a useful resource during times of need in their own families as well.

Available on AMAZON

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