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$8 Item on an $800 Trip

So I ordered this tiny item on September 13, which will be delivered on September 25 (UPS says). 12 days?! Really, Amazon? Really? So, I checked the details of why, and according to the UPS website, this is the route it has taken on its way to Montana. Needless to say, this is becoming more common. They no longer guarantee two-day shipping, but now we are pushing two weeks. Before you come for me, this item was unavailable locally, so that was not an option. Here is where my other irritation comes in with Amazon. When I placed the order, they indicated that it would be delivered today, September 21. THIS is what I have noticed is a pattern in their effort to make it "not seem so bad". See, they will keep the faith on their end that it will be here today, and around 8 pm I will get a little note that says, we're sorry, but your package is running late. Really? Now UPS may have some culpability here, but for all that is holy stop making false promises to make yourself look good. It is for this very reason that after nearly two decades, I canceled Prime. Get it together, Amazon.

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