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So Long 2023

I look back on this year with mixed emotions—so many moments of sadness in and out of my sphere. Journalling has been happening offline as I pulled back from this medium. I realized that was the better thing to do for myself. I do not make resolutions for New Year, but I try to promise that I will do something that enriches my soul and brings me happiness.

Looking back on 2023 was eye-opening and a reminder that I must do better for myself. I have made my mental notes and set some goals, which will not be revealed outside my journals. This website may stay or go by the end of the year. I have not decided on that just yet. No one sees it, and that is on me. When I jumped into studying cybersecurity, other things took a backseat. I am content with that because working on myself is my primary focus. Quietly, privately, and intentionally.

The things that took a backseat are not forgotten. Just put on hold for a future time. Making a big shift this year was necessary. I have zero regrets. The last few years have been consumed with loss and grief, and in some ways, I needed to let go of forcing what was not working to approach things differently. It may sound silly, but it was seemingly an exercise I needed to experience. The bad part was it meant more grief and loss. The good part is that I hope to come out the other side somewhat refreshed with new approaches and perspectives.

So, to anyone who reads this, I thank you, and I wish you more smiles in 2024 than you had in 2023. It is a goal worth meeting. Eat the cake, skip leg day, and give yourself a break now and then.

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